Gear Up to Go Back to School with Fresh Flowers

Posted: August 10th, 2016

Back to School FlowersIt’s really over. If you are a parent, the end of summer is most likely a sigh of relief. As you get organized buying new clothes for the first day of school and checking off the school supply list, you may also be looking for a first day of school gift to the teacher.

Cole’s Flowers offers a variety of back to school floral arrangements to brighten the teacher’s first day of school. For example, you can treat the teacher to a beautiful green plant to decorate the classroom. Cole’s European Dish Garden features a durable plastic terra cotta container with assorted greens and red kalanchoe – perfect for any teacher!

When preparing for back to school, you don’t just have the teacher to think about. Don’t forget to thank the sitter, camp counselor or grandparent that made your child’s summer extra special. Thank you flowers like Cole’s Ritzy Red Gerberas are a beautiful and kind gesture to show your appreciation. This tapered, tall vase is filled with red gerberas and oregonia and bupleurum foliage in a display that will make a big impression.

If you are the parent of college students, back to school may mean sending your hungry kids with treats for the dorm. Cole’s Flowers has students in mind with the very popular Junk Food Basket. Filled with chips, candy and other treats, this filling send-off is the perfect way to say goodbye and good luck during the new semester.

After treating teachers, sitters and your children, shouldn’t you take the time to treat yourself? Cole’s says yes! Reward yourself by selecting a beautiful flower arrangement to decorate your kitchen or office. Flora Spectra features bright fuchsia gerberas, yellow roses and purple iris – a top-notch way to celebrate the end of the season.

You won’t be disappointed with our high-quality arrangements and personable service! Place your back-to-school floral order online now or call the friendly team at Cole’s Flowers at 802-388-4003 today.

How to Remember When to Send Flowers

Posted: August 6th, 2015

flower vaseEveryone knows that flowers make great gifts, and there is nothing better than being surprised by a beautiful arrangement on a special day. Whether you send someone flowers for their birthday, anniversary, holiday, or any other occasion, you can add a special and memorable moment to their already exciting day. However, with so many birthdays and holidays to keep track of, how can you keep straight when you need to send flowers to the right people? We have a few tips to help you keep thing straight.

It may sound obvious, but the first thing you should do is mark all special days in your calendar. This is especially useful if you have a small calendar on your desk that you look at every day. You will be reminded days or weeks in advance before someone’s birthday, ensuring you have enough time to send flowers. Of course, you can also set digital reminders in your phone, which will give you even more of a heads up before a special occasion.

Of course, an even simpler option would be to order flowers ahead of time. You can take your time to pick out the perfect flowers for any type of holiday or anniversary, and schedule them to be delivered on that day, even if it’s months away. This will save you the time and trouble of having to keep dozens of dates straight in your head.

No matter how you keep track of the most important days in the lives of your friends and family members, flowers are a great gift that will add a perfect touch to any celebration.

Flowers For A Year: A Man’s Secret Weapon

Posted: February 3rd, 2015

FlowersBuying your significant other flowers isn’t a new phenomenon. Women have been expecting flowers from their boyfriends, fiancés and husbands for generations. Now, you can purchase flowers for a year at once and have them sent to their loved one each month automatically.



Flowers for a year is a pre-planned program that takes only a few minutes to set up. Once you decide on the amount and types of flowers, you can just sit back and let them get delivered month by month. That’s right, the task of remembering to send flowers has been completely eliminated. Remember, women love nothing more than “flowers just because.” Enrolling in flowers for a year is like sending her 12 bouquets just because.



This program is also cost-effective. Month by month flowers can get expensive, especially if you send them to close to a holiday or last minute requiring rush delivery. Flower arrangements quickly and easily add up to $100 before you know it. When you pay for 12 months of flowers at once, you end up saving an average of $30-$50 per month.



And most importantly, it’s thoughtful. Flowers can brighten someone whole entire day, or even week. Receiving flowers each month is a great way to show someone how much you care and that you thought enough about them to send them flowers. It doesn’t get a whole lot easier than this. If you decide to partake in flowers for a year, there is one thing you should know; you’re going to need room for your Husband, Son, Boyfriend or Fiancé Of The Year trophy.