Best Flowers For Fall Weddings

Posted: September 24th, 2019
Fall Wedding Flowers

Fall is an extremely popular season for weddings. The weather is just right-not too hot, not too cold, and the beautiful Autumn leaves create the perfect backdrop for a Fall wedding. When it comes to flowers there are many different options to choose from.

Here are a few flower options perfect for a Fall wedding:


Chrysanthemums are the most traditional go-to fall flower, and are often referred to as the “Queen of Fall Flowers.” Chrysanthemums bloom in a wide array of colors, which is great news for brides, because there are lots of color options making it easy to match your mums to your wedding’s theme and décor.

DaisiesFall Wedding Flowers

While daisies may seem like they are primarily a summer flower, because they often thought of as yellow, these flowers also bloom in rich, fall colors, such as purples and reds. In dark tones, these flowers are big and beautiful, and will help draw out any other fall colors present in your theme.


If you’re looking to paint a to-die-for romantic setting at your fall wedding, consider going with purple aster flowers. The deep purple color on these tiny wild-looking flowers will give your wedding an intimate and regal feel. Purple aster is associated with love and patience, two things that are key to a successful marriage.

Snow DropsFall Wedding Flowers

For a unique winter-white bouquet, perfect for a fall wedding easing into the winter season, many couples choose to go with snowdrop flowers. These flowers have petals that turn towards the ground. They are thought to symbolize hope, purity and rebirth.

Weddings are about celebrating you and your spouse and it’s important to choose flowers that are an expression of your love for one another. Let Coles Flowers help you choose the right fall flowers for your wedding! Contact us today to find your perfect wedding bouquet!




The Summer Wedding Flower Tips

Posted: July 28th, 2015

potted herbsWell its wedding season, of which flowers will consume a large portion of the budget. But making sure flowers stay healthy and vibrant the entire day- and possibly into the next- will take some legwork. Picking the right colors for your big day are about more than making sure the colors don’t clash with your dress.

Opt for flowers that will stay fresh throughout the entire day. Usually those with a waxy texture will ensure longer staying power. Those resistant to wilting in hotter temperatures include orchids, ginger halcyons, birds-of-paradise, tiger lilies and even roses. So choose wisely and your arrangements won’t be brown arrangements by dinner time. But check with your florist to see which ones will work for your venue.

Other measures to keep your flowers healthy and hydrated throughout the day include having them delivered the day of the wedding. Also making sure there’s a refrigerator on-site to store them before the ceremony starts can get you that extra hour or two you may need.

During the ceremony, being mindful of the keeping bouquets in a shady spot or placing in a vase of cool water when not actually in use will also extend the longevity. If you don’t have a vase, having a spray bottle on hand could be helpful.

Finally, picking out the right centerpiece is half the battle and will help boost your floral arrangement. To create a modern vibe, use monochromatic summer blooms in clear containers and for an outdoor wedding, consider wooden containers. You may even want to consider herbs for guest gifts.