How to Take Care of Poinsettias

One plant stands out and populates more homes than the rest during the Christmas season—the poinsettia!  The vibrant crimson, star-shaped petals with clusters of small green or yellow flowers in between give poinsettias an ideal look for Christmas décor that breathes fresh life into your space.

Another great thing about this festive plant is that it’s fairly easy to care for, so while it adds a lot to your holiday setup, it doesn’t add much to your holiday to-do list!

Here are a few ways to keep your poinsettia merry and bright for the season.

Ensure They Have Proper Light

Poinsettias are native to southern Mexico, putting them in the tropical category. This means they like light and will do best placed near a sunny window in your home (preferably south, east, or west, rather than a north-facing window). Your poinsettia should receive about six hours of direct sunlight per day.

Monitor Their Temperature

Since poinsettias come from a tropical environment, they thrive in warmer conditions. Temperatures that are too cool or drop drastically will cause premature wilting, so you should avoid placing your plant near a window with a cold draft. For optimal blooming, keep the area around your poinsettia between 60-70°F. Also, keep in mind that temperatures that are too high will also damage the plant.

Keep Them Hydrated

You should give it a good watering whenever your poinsettia looks or feels dry to the touch. You want to soak the soil down to the roots but not waterlog it. Plant your poinsettia in a pot with a drainage hole to ensure excess water can escape. Due to their tropical origin, poinsettias are used to higher humidity levels. If you’re keeping your plant in a drier room or area of the house, you may need to water it daily!

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