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Start Shopping Our Valentine Floral Arrangements

Blossoming Medley

Cupid-themed plates and napkins along with endless bags of colorful candy filling the shelves at our local grocery stores can only mean one thing: Valentine’s Day is coming up! At Cole’s Flowers, we adore the season of love and celebrate Valentine’s Day with some fun floral arrangements. Below is a look at some of our… Read more »

Highlighting Our Halloween Arrangements

Halloween is a treasured holiday, known for its over-the-top decorations, spine-tingling activities, frightening costumes, and delicious candies and treats. Cole’s Flowers has highlighted a few of our popular floral arrangements to get you in the Halloween spirit. Musical Harvest Eerie, mysterious sounds form the backdrop of the Halloween season, where loud strikes of thunder and… Read more »

Fresh Florals that are Allergy Friendly

Unfortunately, fresh flowers often prove to be unpleasant to people with pollen allergies. However, all is not lost for the people that get sneezy in the presence of some florals. Many allergy-friendly floral alternatives offer allergy sufferers a simple, sneeze-free way to enjoy fresh floral arrangements. Lilies As a pollen-free blossom, lilies lack the substance… Read more »