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The Best Plants & Flowers to Enhance Your Office

Working in an office for 40 hours a week can be draining. Even if you love your job, sitting in one place surrounded by the same four walls can get pretty dull. To keep your productivity and energy levels high, you need to fill your office with décor and accessories that are going to stimulate… Read more »

Health Boosting Benefits from Plants

Aside from offering a visually appealing aesthetic, plants have many health benefits to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In today’s world, it is essential to do all you can to remain as healthy as possible. Here are a few ways that owning plants can improve your quality of life: Improve Air Quality When we breathe, we… Read more »

American Business Women’s Day

American Business Women's Day

She manages the day-to-day operations of your office, finds coverage for you when you are sick, keeps procedures running smoothly, and takes the heat when problems arise: She’s your boss, and she deserve plenty of  appreciation for her hard work and dedication. American Business Women’s Day is observed on September 22nd. The mission is to… Read more »

Signs of Overwatering/ Underwatering in Houseplants

Signs of Overwatering/ Underwatering in Houseplants

There are many benefits to having plants in your home. They help to purify the air, reduce stress, reduce your chances of getting sick, and help you breathe better. Although plants are so great for us, it can be hard to maintain their overall health.  Maybe you forgot to water your peace lily for a… Read more »

Why You Should Talk to Your Plants

Why You Shoul Talk to You Plants

Just like any living creature, plants need “food” and water to survive, but these complex living organisms thrive with the help of other elements like sunlight, compost, and… a good talking-to? Many horticulturalists believe that talking to your plants can result in better growth cycles. According to a study conducted by MythBusters, plants that were… Read more »

Choosing A Plant for Your Office

According to the US National Library of Medicine patients in hospital rooms with plants had significantly more positive physiologic responses, less pain, anxiety, and fatigue than patients without plants in their room.  Because of the many benefits, plants have, especially stress relief, keeping a plant on your desk or in your office can significantly improve… Read more »