The Best Plants & Flowers to Enhance Your Office

Working in an office for 40 hours a week can be draining. Even if you love your job, sitting in one place surrounded by the same four walls can get pretty dull. To keep your productivity and energy levels high, you need to fill your office with décor and accessories that are going to stimulate you visually and mentally—like plants and flowers!

Lush greenery and fresh blooms will bring new life into your old, stuffy office. But which ones are best-suited to the conditions a home on your desk would offer?

Peace Lily

The peace lily is low in maintenance, but high in aesthetics. The stunning combination of broad, deep green leaves and delicate white flowers will liven up any workspace. They’re particularly great for offices because they thrive in low light. They’re also known for removing toxins from the air, so they’ll make your work environment healthier too.


Orchids are uniquely gorgeous flowers that are available in a variety of colors and sizes. This wide selection will make it easy to find one that suits your desk and your style. With proper care, an orchid will continue to bloom and beautify your office for 4-6 weeks or more. You’ll be sure to appreciate their calming, serene presence on those days when problems at work seem endless.

Snake Plant

The strong, sharp shape of the snake plant has earned it the common nickname of the “mother-in-law’s tongue”, and it is a look that will fit seamlessly in a professional atmosphere. Snake plants are popular, in part, because they can grow for years with very little care, as long as you don’t overwater them. If you want one to place on your desk, look for a dwarf species, as the regular plant can grow several feet tall.

English Ivy

If you want to go the opposite route of a snake plant and add a more ethereal element to your professional space, an English ivy will do just the trick. The growing evergreen vines can be artfully wrapped around other décor or you can let them flow loosely for a more enchanted look. English ivy is another plant known to improve air quality, so it’s a great addition to offices with poor circulation too.

At Cole’s Flowers in Middlebury, you can find a wide selection of indoor plants and flower arrangements to brighten up your office space and boost your mood and productivity. Come on down to our shop today and our florists will help you choose the perfect ones for your home or workspace!

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