Meaningful Flowers to Give Mom for Mother’s Day

When April showers start transitioning to May flowers, you know that Mother’s Day is right around the corner. When it comes to gifts, a fresh bouquet or arrangement of flowers is a classic. After all, what better way to represent your love for the woman who gave you life than to give her a something with a little life to it too?!

Of course, you want your Mother’s Day flowers to be beautiful. But going the extra mile to choose flowers that have symbolic meaning will make your gift even more thoughtful. Here are a few flower suggestions that carry some special Mother’s Day meaning!


Different types of lilies have different meanings, but most of them work well for Mother’s Day either way. In general, lilies symbolize purity, fresh life, and rebirth—perfect for the woman who gave fresh life to you! Pink and yellow are great color choices for this holiday, as they represent love and admiration, and appreciation, respectively. Day lilies are also an Asian symbol for motherhood, making those a particularly fitting option as well.


While it’s true that traditional red roses tend to mean romance, other rose colors can represent different kinds of love. Light red or pink would be two of the best colors for mom, as they both mean gratitude and appreciation. Yellow roses, which symbolize caring, are another appropriate choice too. Plus, can you ever go wrong with roses? (Hint: you can’t!)


Carnations are the flower with the strongest association with Mother’s Day. In 1907, the founder of Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis, sent 500 of her mom’s favorite flower—carnations—to every mother in her church, in honor of her own mother’s death anniversary. Carnations have many meanings that suit most mothers anyway, such as love, beauty, and charity. Pink carnations specifically represent a mother’s love and pair well with white, which represent unconditional love, to make the perfect Mother’s Day combo.

Gerbera Daisies

As far as happy, cheerful flowers go, it’s hard to do much better than gerbera daisies. Their bright colors foster energy and joy. They’re ideal for moms who radiate happiness and positivity. But they also work just to show your mom how happy she makes you.

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