Top Valentine’s Day Flower Trends for 2016

Famous cartoonist Charles M. Schultz is quoted as saying, “All you need is love. But a little chocolate every now and then doesn’t hurt.” As Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, we might make an addendum to Schultz’s quote by saying, “And a bouquet of roses puts the icing on the cake.”
Love Me Tender BouquetIn the recent years, red roses are not the only flowers given on Valentine’s Day. Friends, family and lovers are enjoying many different varieties of flowers available in all sorts of unique colors. While the red rose will always remain the quintessential lovers’ flower, there are a few new trendy colors to choose from in 2016.
Last year’s color trends ranged from pastel pinks to deep purples and orange which signifies passion and desire – perfect for a new love or a rekindled romance. A bouquet of pink roses and purple lilies are still a beautiful and romantic choice for the season, but an arrangement that’s mixed with orange daisies is also sure to delight that special someone.
There are two colors in various shades at the top of the Valentine’s Day trend list this year, though, inspired by Pantone’s Colors of the Year for 2016 – Serenity, a shade of pale purple-blue, and Rose Quartz, a soft shade of pink.
Pink shades resembling the soft quartz gemstones and shades of blue reminiscent of serene rainy days are found in lilacs and hydrangeas and make great choices for lovers, friends and family this year. The link between these two trendy flower colors of 2016 is serenity and peace, and the trending Valentine’s Day choices this year are equally quiet and mellow. These two colors can be mixed together in one bouquet or separate bouquets for an extra-special gift.
The Love Me Tender bouquet in shades of pink or a winter bouquet like Crisp Winter Skies in hues of blue are two wonderful choices if you want go with the color trends this year. Get creative and thoughtful with your bouquet choices and remember that your florist is here to help you. If you are someone who is not necessarily knowledgeable about hues and colors, you can mention ideas like your loved one’s favorite flower or colors, and your florist can surely make suggestions that your sweetheart, family member or bestie will surely adore on this year’s day of love and friendship.
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