Bright Days, Bright Flowers: Arrangements for Summer

Posted: June 14th, 2016

Summer has finally come, which means it’s time to open up your windows and enjoy that fresh warm air! It’s also a great time of year to spruce up your home with some gorgeous summer arrangements that will brighten up the room. What says “summer is here!” more than a colorful arrangement in the center of your kitchen table? Here are some of our favorite bouquets that are perfect for celebrating the season.

Have a Lovely Day Bouquet

Perfect for most any occasion, our Have a Lovely Day Bouquet is a great way to celebrate the start of summer. With giant yellow lilies and perfectly rose-colored roses, this bouquet is sure to bring some much needed post-winter color to any room.

Fiesta Time!Fiesta Time! Bouquet

Our Fiesta Time! Bouquet is also a great choice for celebrating the start of this incredible season. This arrangement features red gerbera daisies, yellow lilies, and splashes of purple, green and orange. There’s no denying it – this colorful bouquet is sure to remind you that summer has come with its gorgeous colors and delicious smells.

Make ‘Em Smile Bouquet

One of our classic bouquets, the Make ‘Em Smile Bouquet, is perfect for any occasion, but its soft summery colors are a great way to start off the season with a bang. Light pink, white and green are arranged to show off the best of the season, with carnations and daisies.

Summer’s End Basket

At the close of the season, try our Summer’s End Basket. This arrangement features pretty yellow snapdragons, purple larkspurs and red gerbera daisies. Bi-colored roses and peach mini carnations with leather leaf eucalyptus round out the bouquet. The tall snapdragons and larkspurs – which look a little bit like lavender, in case you’ve never seen them before – are reminiscent of those late-summer nights. Brighten up your home with this arrangement, and extend the season by bringing the sweet smell of summer indoors.

Take a look at our full selection of summer flowers now to find the perfect bouquet for your home. Place your order online, or call us today at 802-388-4003.

The Summer Wedding Flower Tips

Posted: July 28th, 2015

potted herbsWell its wedding season, of which flowers will consume a large portion of the budget. But making sure flowers stay healthy and vibrant the entire day- and possibly into the next- will take some legwork. Picking the right colors for your big day are about more than making sure the colors don’t clash with your dress.

Opt for flowers that will stay fresh throughout the entire day. Usually those with a waxy texture will ensure longer staying power. Those resistant to wilting in hotter temperatures include orchids, ginger halcyons, birds-of-paradise, tiger lilies and even roses. So choose wisely and your arrangements won’t be brown arrangements by dinner time. But check with your florist to see which ones will work for your venue.

Other measures to keep your flowers healthy and hydrated throughout the day include having them delivered the day of the wedding. Also making sure there’s a refrigerator on-site to store them before the ceremony starts can get you that extra hour or two you may need.

During the ceremony, being mindful of the keeping bouquets in a shady spot or placing in a vase of cool water when not actually in use will also extend the longevity. If you don’t have a vase, having a spray bottle on hand could be helpful.

Finally, picking out the right centerpiece is half the battle and will help boost your floral arrangement. To create a modern vibe, use monochromatic summer blooms in clear containers and for an outdoor wedding, consider wooden containers. You may even want to consider herbs for guest gifts.