4 Tips for First-Time Plant Parents

Did you know that houseplants can help you stay healthy? It’s true! Their presence improves air quality, boosts your mental health, and can even help reduce your chances of catching the flu. Isn’t that amazing? Not to mention the visual life they breathe into the look of your space. It’s easy to see why filling your house with plants has become such a popular trend.

If you’re new to the houseplant band wagon, you might be a little nervous about giving your plants a good home. Don’t worry though—we’ve got a few beginner tips to help you in your new role as plant parent!

1) Choose the right plants for your space.

You might be tempted to head to the nursery and buy whatever catches your eye, but you shouldn’t choose plants based on looks alone. Consider the conditions of your home and the spot you plan on growing your plant. How’s the light? Humidity levels? How much room do you have? Research which types of plants will do well in these conditions.

2) Don’t overwater.

The most common mistake first-time plant caretakers make is overwatering. It’s important to pay attention to the watering instructions that came with your plant. Many of them don’t need to be watered every day and it doesn’t take much to drown them. For most plants, you can tell if it’s time for a soak by sticking your finger about 1-2 inches deep in the soil. If it’s dry, give it a good watering. If it’s still moist, it’s fine.

3) Be patient with your plants.

Keep in mind that it may take your plants a little time to adjust to their new environment. Don’t panic if you see a couple of leaves wilt or drop—these little guys are more resilient than you might think. Shedding leaves is often just part of the acclimation process. If you spot a couple dying ones, just clip them.

4) Take it slow.

Before you turn your home into a nursery, get the hang of caring for one or two plants first. It’s easy to get excited and get ahead of yourself buying up a storm, but starting with too many plants can be overwhelming. Practice your plant care for a little while and build your collection over time.

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