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6 Tricks for Helping Your Bouquet Live Longer

Person adding white flower food powder inside cut flower vase so cut flowers last longer fresh.

Everyone loves receiving flowers. They are a wonderful way to commemorate accomplishments, show your love and support, and remind your loved ones that you are thinking of them. Typically, a fresh bouquet will only last a few days. But there are simple ways to prolong your beautiful bouquet’s life. Here are six tips and tricks… Read more »

A Guide to Vase Shapes and Choosing the Right One for Your Flowers

Flower Delivery in Middlebury, VT

Who doesn’t love getting a fresh bouquet of flowers? Whether they’re from a loved one or just a little treat you bought for yourself, it’s always exciting to find the perfect spot for new flowers in your house and enjoy their beauty as they bloom. If you truly want to create the best display out… Read more »