Poor Excuses Not To Buy Flowers, Debunked

March 24th, 2015

buying flowersBuying flowers always seems to make its way to the bottom of our to-do list. There are tons of worn out excuses not to buy flowers. But a bouquet or arrangement of in season flowers can be relatively inexpensive. Knowing which flowers are readily available each season and planning in advance for delivery keeps the prices low when it comes to buying fresh flowers.



The inevitable death of the flower is also a poor excuse to remove it from your to-do list. Cutting and watering flowers the right way can keep them blooming for weeks after purchase. Flowers may not last forever, but they definitely stick around longer than fruit, a cake or cookies.



Flowers are for everyone, all the time. Picking and purchasing flowers for yourself can be empowering and ensure that you get exactly the arrangement you want. Don’t wait for someone else to brighten you day, when you can brighten it yourself.



And anywhere is a good place for flowers. Placing a vase of flowers in the kitchen is a place where everyone can enjoy them. They can bring color to a living room or act as the perfect seasonal centerpiece on a dining room table. Don’t forget that nothing can liven up a gray, dismal cube like a bouquet of brightly colored, wonderfully smelling flowers.



There are surely even more excuses to not buy flowers. However, flowers are the type of gift you buy to bring happiness, joy and life into any home or office. Just like there aren’t any good excuses to avoid buying flowers, there also doesn’t have to be a reason to purchase them.

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