The Best Flowers for Fall Gardens

September 11th, 2015

fall flowersWhile most people typically think of spring and summer as the time when flowers bloom and thrive, there are several varieties perfect for autumn. The following are just a few of the flowers you should consider growing in your garden this fall.

New England Asters are native to North America, and they are perfect flowers to grow in your fall garden or keep in a vase. They can be a wide range of colors including everything from white to blue, and they tend to grow to be half a foot tall. If you’re growing them just make sure your soil is well-drained.

Goldenrod is also another staple of the fall season with its beautiful golden colors. These flowers will look great around any type of property, and they can grow to be several feet tall by the end of the season. Goldenrod s also hypoallergenic; beauty AND user-friendliness.

There are also several excellent perennial flowers that will do well throughout autumn, including Perennial Sunflowers. You will find that there are actually several different varieties of Perennial Sunflowers, including bright yellow Lemon Queens. Plant this in your garden and you can expect them to bloom in fall, adding some extra color to your landscape before winter.

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