4 Reasons Flowers Are an Important Part of Your Wedding Day

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to planning your wedding. As you’re making decisions about the many different elements that go into the events of the day, you’re probably looking for a few things you can skimp on or skip altogether to save yourself some time and money. While this is completely understandable, there are a few aspects of your wedding that you don’t want to cut corners on—and your flowers are one of them.

Wedding flowers may seem like just a small part of your celebration, but they have a much bigger impact than you’d think. Let’s take a look at the top reasons why florals are integral to your wedding day!

1) Flowers help set the tone of your event.

Your wedding is (hopefully) a once-in-a-lifetime milestone. You don’t want it to feel like just any other day, but like the special and momentous occasion is truly is. Flowers add beauty, elegance, style, and meaning that will set the mood of love and celebration that your wedding day should have.

2) Flowers bring your wedding design together.

With so many different elements making up the day, your wedding design can get muddled without the right detailed touches. Since florals are everywhere during your wedding—with the bride and wedding party, at your ceremony and reception—they act as the common thread tying all of your elements together. Flowers highlight the colors, themes, and style of your wedding and bring them together in harmony.

3) Flowers will elevate your photos.

Looking back at the photos from your wedding day, you’ll realize that flowers are featured in almost every single one. They’re being held in many of the traditional wedding party photos and during the ceremony, as well as decorating the background of the ceremony and reception alike. Flowers complete the wedding aesthetic, giving you images you will cherish forever.

4) Flowers make people happy.

Whether they’re just on your kitchen table or decorating the aisles of your wedding ceremony, flowers add freshness and life to the atmosphere around them. Their beauty and visual interest will bring an immediate smile to your face and those of your guests. Plus, they give off an aromatic scent that brightens the mood of anyone in their vicinity even more.

Considering they’re such an important aspect of your wedding, you don’t want to leave your wedding florals to just anyone. For brides in Middlebury, VT and surrounding areas, Cole’s Flowers can provide all the wedding flowers you need to make your special day absolutely perfect.

Get in touch with us today to discuss the florals you need for your celebration!

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