Care Tips for Fresh Flowers

Not all of us have green thumbs – mothers included. If you’re one of the many mothers who received fresh flowers for Mother’s Day and you don’t have great luck with caring for them, here are some easy steps to help keep your child’s beautiful gift alive.

Check Daily

When you first get the flowers, you probably placed them in a vase with the water at a high level – a good plan, as this will help the flowers last. Be sure to check the vase every day to maintain that level and add “flower food,” a blend of nutrients that helps nourish flowers and keep them healthy. Be sure to follow the directions of the food, though, as adding more than necessary can harm the flowers.

Cut Flower StemsCut the Stems

Every couple days, remove the flowers from the water and trim the stems. When trimming, you want to snip roughly 3/4 to a full inch off the bottom. Don’t just cut straight across, though –cut it at an angle, as this will give the flower a little more surface to help take in water. You also want to use a sharp knife, floral cutter or scissors to make a clean cut. While you trim, you can also use this chance to remove any fallen petals or excess that has fallen into the vase.

Change Water

Along with trimming the stems, be sure to change the water completely every few days. You wouldn’t want to drink water that had sat out for days, and neither do plants. While you are changing the water, you should also wash the vase as well. Bacteria and other harmful elements could be growing in the water and attach to the vase, leading to an early demise for your beautiful flowers. Don’t forget to add more flower food when you refill, either!

Keep Your Cool

Once all the trimming and cleaning is done, place the vase in a cool, safe spot. Flowers will do best in a temperate environment, which means keeping them away from heating and cooling vents, direct sunlight and televisions as these can all generate heat and prematurely dehydrate your bloom.

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