How to Care for Your New Spring Flowers

With the weather slowly starting to inch its way out of freezing temperatures, spring is making its way around the corner. As the birds start chirping and the sun decides to stay out a bit longer, it’s time to start thinking about your spring décor. Flowers are an iconic symbol of spring, as they bring life and color into your home and garden. Caring for your freshly cut flowers is key to keeping them healthy and vibrant throughout the spring season. 

Here are a few tips on properly caring for and maintaining your fresh flowers this spring!

Check Your Blooms Daily

Keep a close eye on your indoor flowers to look for any signs of stress. If you notice wilting leaves or drooping, your flowers probably need a little extra TLC. Make sure that the vase or container you use is full of clean water and add more as needed. Cut back dead leaves to help your flowers stay fresh and healthy indoors longer.

Keep Out of Direct Sunlight

Most spring flowers thrive in temperatures ranging between 65-72 degrees. Never place your flowers near heating or cooling vents, on top of electronics or radiators, or directly under your ceiling fan. This can cause your flowers to dry out and harm their delicate petals.

Re-Cut Their Stems

Remove your flowers from their container every few days and cut approximately ¾ to one inch from the bottom of the stems. Always cut stems at a 45-degree angle to encourage the plants to take up as much water as possible. When re-cutting your stems, use a sharp pair of scissors or a knife and tie your bouquet together with twine before you cut the stems. This will make it easier to cut all of them at once and at approximately the same length.

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