The Meaning Behind The Flowers You Send

arrangement Every flower is different. Not only do they blossom in their own ways, but also they are colored differently and each means something unique. For example, the carnation can be grown or purchased in red, pink, yellow or white. Each of these variations means something different for the sender and recipient. Pink carnations express gratitude while white is used for the remembrance of someone or something. Yellow carnations are meant for cheerful events and people. Red carnations are meant to show deep, significant love.

Tulips are also grown in colors from pink and purple to white and yellow, but each of these has a different meaning than that of the carnations. Pink tulips are meant for showing someone how much you care, and red are a clear declaration of love. The white tulip is most commonly used when forgiveness is being sought. Yellow tulips are the perfect flowers for someone who is hopelessly in love, and using purple tulips brings a sense of royalty and importance to any flower arrangement.

Another flower that provides options is the chrysanthemum. If you are a secret admirer, the flower for you is the yellow chrysanthemum. Red arrangements are used to signify the sharing of love and life while bronze chrysanthemums exemplify excitement. A bouquet of white chrysanthemums mean truth and should be sent or given along with a note or expression of true feelings for the recipient.

In addition to choosing a flower based on it’s meaning, there is also a flower for every month. You could buy flowers based on someone’s birth month, month of anniversary or according to what month it is when you buy and send the arrangement. The first flower of the year is the carnation. February’s flowers, this month actually has two, are the iris and violet. The daffodil is the flower of March followed by daisies or peonies for April.

May’s flower is the lily and June’s is the rose. If you are sending to someone born in July, the perfect flower is the delphinium. The dahlia is August’s flower and the forget-me-not belongs to September. October birthdays should be celebrated with the marigold. Chrysanthemums are used throughout November to celebrate and none other than the poinsettia represents the end of the year month of December.

Keeping these meanings and months in mind when picking out flowers can help you narrow down your choices and find a bouquet that is as meaningful as it is beautiful. Remember that you can always combine a few different types of flowers as well to convey the exact message that you want to send to your friend, loved one or significant other.

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