The Right Flowers for the Right Occasions

Fall Blooms Coles FlowersYou can pretty much buy flowers for anything these days, but many times we associate buying flowers for something important like a wedding, or an anniversary, or just when we’ve screwed up really. These types of special occasions plus many more can warrant you the opportunity to use flowers as a gift, but there are different types of flowers that can be bought for each and every one of these important or memorable times.

Events like weddings and anniversaries are the type of occasion that bring about much importance for the parties involved, especially those who are directly sharing these special times together. Normally, seasonal flowers would be a great choice for weddings.


Flowers that are pale and delicate might work better in the spring time, whereas dark or rich colored flowers would go along well with fall. The same with anniversaries, seasonal flowers will be your best option, and you could even combine them with a gourmet or fruit basket.

Holidays like Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving are a little different when it comes to flowers. Sure, they are special occasions, but they don’t exude the same feelings of romance and companionship like weddings or anniversaries do.


Popular flowers for Christmas include Christmas cacti or large red poinsettias. Thanksgiving can be supplied with flowers like chrysanthemums, gerbera daisies, carnations lilies and marigolds. White roses are especially popular around Easter time, too.

Finally, holiday’s such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day will be the holidays that bring about your classier flowers. For all three of these holidays, especially Valentine’s Day, roses would be the go to flower to provide.


Various shades of red, white and yellow can be used on any one of these occasions and would suffice as the perfect gift for your loved ones. Flowers can be used any time of the year and can be given to people for any type of occasion, but you can always mix it up with the different types of flowers that are available to coincide with each holiday.

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