Ring in the New Year with Cole’s Flowers

Posted: December 29th, 2017
Ring in the New Year with Coles Flowers

Are you planning on hosting a New Year’s Eve party this year? You can brighten it up and put everyone in a positive mood when the ball drops by decorating your home with lovely floral bouquets or gifting a holiday arrangement.

Give someone a great start to the New Year by gifting them a festive floral arrangement from Cole’s Flowers!

Good Morning Sunshine: Few floral arrangements will brighten up someone’s day (or night!) quite like this one. It includes a delicate arrangement of yellow roses, seeded eucalyptus, pittosporum, and green hypericum and is guaranteed to be the beacon of light someone needs as they prepare to head into the New Year.

Crisp Winter Skies: If you’re planning a more elegant New Year’s Eve party and want something that’s both tasteful and sophisticated, this blend of white roses, blue delphinium, white casablanca lilies, white wax flowers, pittosporum, and silver mesh ribbon will do the trick.

Celestial Purple: Celebrating the New Year with an extra special someone? Surprise them by bringing this arrangement that is fit for a queen along. It features purple carnations, tulips, pink heather, stock, and wax flowers tucked inside of an amethyst-colored vase.

Silver Bells: It’s almost time to put away the holiday decorations for the year. Before you do, pair them with this arrangement that includes aspidistra leaves spray painted silver, white gerberas, blue delphinium, the Star of Bethlehem, and silver orbs in a blue round design dish.

Cole’s Flowers can provide you with floral arrangements for any occasion. Whether you’re ringing in the New Year or celebrating another upcoming holiday, call us at 802-388-4003 today to order flowers from us!

6 Tricks for helping your bouquet live longer

Posted: September 29th, 2014

6 tips for longer lasting flowers | Coles FlowersEveryone loves receiving flowers. They are a wonderful way to commemorate accomplishments, show your love and your support, and remind your loved ones that you are thinking of them. Typically a fresh bouquet will only last a few days. But there are ways that you can prolong the life of your beautiful bouquet. Here are some tips and tricks to consider:


Did you know that if you add a sprinkle of a clear soda, the sugar will help the flowers to stay alive longer? Just like people, plants and flowers need nutrients to stay sustained. By adding just a little bit of clear soda like Sprite or 7-Up, you are feeding the flowers enough sugar to help keep them nourished.

Hair Spray

Not only does hairspray help keep your hair on point during long days and nights, but you can use it to preserve the integrity of your flowers. Give the undersides of the petals and leaves a quick spritz to keep them from falling off.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Sugar

If you make a mixture of 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons of sugar and then add it to your vase of water, your plants and flowers will be able to absorb those nutrients and stay fresher longer. Just be sure to change the apple cider vinegar and sugar mixture every few days.


Part of the reason why flowers tend to die is because bacteria accumulates in the vase water. To prevent your flowers from going bad via bacteria, add a small splash of vodka to the vase water. The alcohol will prevent bacterial growth. Combine with a sprinkle of sugar to gain maximum benefits.


Have you ever heard of this trick? Crushing an aspirin and allowing it to dissolve in your vase water is a tried and true method to help your flowers stay fresh. Still remember to change the vase water every few days with a new aspirin tablet added.


If you have the space, refrigerating your flowers at night or before they are on display will help to elongate their life. Similar to fruits and vegetables, flowers are able to last longer if they are kept cool. Remember to consistently change their water and add a source of nutrition such as sugar or soda water as mentioned above.

Best Flowers For The Fall Season

Posted: August 25th, 2014

Fall Blooms Coles Flowers

Nothing is quite as refreshing in home décor as a bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers. They easily take your home from boring to cheery. As a florist, we know loads of people who come in weekly to get their fresh flowers to bring as a gift, or decorate their own homes. Fresh bouquets are a great way to show that your home is loved, and well taken care of. Autumn is the best season for fresh floral harvests. It’s clear from the wide variety that you will see at the florist this time of year that fall is the best season to find beautiful flowers. This fall, consider stopping in and asking for one of these awesome seasonal flower options:


An elegant classic, mums are an autumn bloomer. Mums are definitely a great choice for those looking for outdoor plants that will be in full bloom in the fall months. Their bright colors add a splash of interest to your outdoor or indoor spaces.


Asters are often referred to as the grand finale of the perennial garden. They bloom brightly in a variety of pinks, blues, purples, and white. These little flowers are great not only for aesthetic appeal, but they also attract a variety of wildlife.


Roses are available at all times during the year, but very few people realize that autumn is when they can be seen blooming seasonally. If you are look for an elegant and classic flower bouquet, go for a dozen yellow, orange, or red roses. Nothing is more attention grabbing and uplifting than a bundle of roses; especially if they came from someone you love.


A classic flower that is at its peak in the late summer and early fall, sunflowers are the biggest and brightest flowers you’ll see around this time of year. The giant buds are world famous, and look classic in any setting.

How To Choose the Right Flowers for Your Party

Posted: August 1st, 2014

choosing flowers for your party

Flowers come in a multitude of varieties and colors; choosing the right ones for the occasion can sometimes seem overwhelming. Roses in pink, white, or red; Marigolds or sunflowers for a more natural looking setting. How do you choose?


Your flower choice should always enhance the theme of your setting and bring your decor alive.

Here is a simple guide you can pull out each time you plan a dinner gathering, cocktail party, or celebration event:


1. Avoid tall flowers, trees, and plants for dinner parties.


Remember that flowers or plants that are too tall should not be used for dinner party centerpieces. They will obstruct the view of your guests and get in the way of natural socializing during dinner. Tall flowers and plants can be used for walk-around type gatherings, where your guests are less likely to sit down the entire evening.


Small bouquets of multiple varieties or striking single flowers, work well on dinner tables. There is enough of a floral decor to be noticed and admired by your guests, but not enough to be distracting.


2. Choose flowers with more subtle scents.


Highly-scented flowers all over a room can be disturbing to some of your guests. Particularly during a social gathering or cocktail party where many women and men will wear their own fragrances; the floral fragrance of an abundant of flowers can be overpowering and may irritate those with allergies.


Consult with your florist to find out which flowers have more subtle scents and would therefore be more appropriate for a social gathering.


3. Consider the colors in your decor.


If your party decor is minimalist or natural; flowers can be used to add that splash of color every design craves. If you are throwing a more fabulous and colorful event; white flowers can be stunning and elegant. When you contrast the colors of your flowers with the colors of your decor, you create a powerful and stylish, look where no aspect of your design goes unnoticed.


4. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Plan ahead.


Before visiting your florist, choose a few flower color choices, and do your best to stick with them. You can get easily overwhelmed in a florist shop by all the beauty and choices of flowers and plants, and end up choosing too many colors and too many varieties.


So plan ahead and remember to keep it simple.