Rose Colors and Their Meanings

Posted: November 1st, 2017
Rose Colors and Their Meanings

Roses are usually synonymous with Valentine’s Day, but there are so many beautiful colors to be had  year-round. Whatever the message, there’s a rose color for that.

Check out our gifting guide to rose colors and their meanings below.

Red: This color is the most popular of the bunch. An auspicious symbol of love, the red rose is ideal for expressing your romantic side.

Yellow: Yellow is the color of friendship and joy. This color rose can be given to just about anyone. When you gift someone a yellow rose, you are letting them know that you appreciate them.

Pink: This is an ideal color for celebrating Sweetest Day. The pink rose is perfect for budding couples who have just begun dating, or a pretty gift for a loving sister or mother.

Peach: Peach is normally chosen by people who want to express gratitude. Do you want to thank a neighbor? A peach rose would certainly brighten their day.  

White: The white rose represents purity, peace, and innocence. In a wedding context, the white rose is a symbol of new beginnings. White is also the color of remembrance.

Salmon: Salmon is the color of passion and vitality. Share your enthusiasm for life by gifting your best friend with a salmon bouquet. This shade never goes out of style!

Cream: This color is another “thank you” color. If you’re looking for a neutral gift option for teachers and coaches, this colored rose is your safest bet.  

Green: Green is the color of rejuvenation. It could also represent new beginnings. Do you know someone starting a new job or moving to a different state? Wish them good luck on their journey with this color.

Cole’s Flowers carries a variety of rose colors that can be uniquely arranged to convey your message, and can order special colors for your events. Call us today at 802-388-4003 and find out what we have in stock!


Tips for Running a Successful Floral Shop

Posted: June 19th, 2017
Floral Shop Tips

Creating a successful floral shop can have its challenges, especially in a small town.

Not only are your competitors a little closer to home, but you have to think smart and get creative in order to drum up business outside of major holidays, like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Trust us; we know what it’s like. Here’s how we make it work, and how you could too.

Establish Your Suppliers

To run a successful business, the first thing you’ll need to do is decide where you’ll be purchasing your materials from. Talk to reputable wholesalers nearby, and find the one with the best products for the best price. Remember, it’s okay to purchase some flowers from one supplier, and other materials from another. Regularly checking in with your suppliers and making sure their prices stay fair and consistent will keep your business cost manageable.

Local Outreach

When you’re opening a new business, it’s important to get in touch with the locals. Have a few grand opening events to invite neighbors and potential customers into the shop. You may also want to consider offering a special discount, enticing people to try out your services and review the quality firsthand.

Teaching a floral arrangement class, or hosting a get-to-know-you event with a few snacks and a little wine may also get people in the door and create brand exposure. Talk to the local book club, drop flyers off after Sunday brunch, and get the word out about your shop.

Weekly Deliveries

Are their restaurants or hotels in your neighborhood that always have fresh flower displays? Drop off some arrangements to local businesses to establish a potential relationship and encourage weekly floral orders from them. These deals could be your bread and butter when you’re in between busy seasons.

Though owning a floral shop can have its difficulties, there’s nothing more rewarding in our book. We love the look on our customer’s faces when they are surprised with a beautiful bouquet of our flowers. Click here to browse through our selection of flowers for delivery here in Middlebury, Vermont, or stop on into our shop on MacIntyre Lane. We’d be happy to chat with you!

Brighten Someone’s Day with these Just Because Bouquets

Posted: April 6th, 2017
Bring on the Happy

What’s the best reason to get flowers? For no reason at all!

To spread a little extra love, to celebrate the beginning of the spring, or to send a bouquet to someone “just because,” buying someone you love the gift of flowers is always appreciated. You’ll brighten their day, and they’ll spread the sunshine to someone else – it’s a win-win! At Cole’s Flowers, we have plenty of gorgeous bouquets that are great for any occasion. Here are a few of our favorite “just because” bouquets.

Bring on the HappyBring on the Happy

For the perfect pop of color to brighten any day of the week, send our Bring on the Happy bouquet. This arrangement is chock full of gerberas, orange roses, red spray roses and yellow lilies. It’s an explosion of bright colors sure to brighten anyone’s day!

Epic Bloomers

To make your favorite person smile, send our Epic Bloomers bouquet. Hot pink gerberas, miniature spray roses, and mini carnations are arranged in a tall glass vase in this bouquet that is sure to make an impression. Whether your recipient places it on their desk or on the kitchen counter, this will be a wonderful reminder of how much you care.

Cheergiver Basket

For a sweet gift that can be used long after the flowers fade, send our Cheergiver Basket. This arrangement is created with a variety of poms, gerberas, spray roses and carnations, plus greenery as an extra touch. The flowers are all settled into a beautiful basket that can be used as a decoration for many years to come!

Oh Happy Day!

If you’re thinking of someone and you want to let them know, send our Oh Happy Day! bouquet. This tall, striking arrangement is full of gerberas, lilies, delphinium and other bright, seasonal flowers, all arranged to stand tall in a small white vase.

Tried & True Blue

Perfect for sending to anyone “just because,” our Tried & True Blue arrangement is simple and elegant, but its fragrance will delight the recipient for the whole week! Large blue hydrangeas are arranged in a small ginger vase. This is a perfect small arrangement for a countertop or desk, making it a wonderful gift for anyone.

For more information on ordering “just because” floral gifts for your friends and loved ones from Cole’s Flowers, call us today at 802-388-4003.

Sending Your Sympathies: Guidelines for Funeral Flowers

Posted: February 24th, 2017

Funeral FlowersA death of someone close to you, a friend or a loved one is a terrible thing. During these times, one of the more instinctual ways to express sorrow is to send flowers. However, the type of arrangement sent may or may not be appropriate. Even the type or color of flower could be offensive, depending on a family or individual’s beliefs. If you need to send a gift to friends or loved ones who are grieving, here’s a few floral tips and tricks to refer to.

Type of Flower

There is a wide variety of flowers that are often chosen for funerals. Usually lilies, carnations, roses, gladiolas and chrysanthemums are sent. White flowers are popular for most Christian funerals, sending a subtle message of calm, serenity and peace. These flowers are then selected and then placed into a wide variety of arrangements. But which arrangement will portray the best message? Funeralwise suggests a few different options:


Wreaths are a common choice, and can be filled with any type of flower. Symbolically, the circular shape of wreaths is seen as a traditional representation of eternal life.

Standing Sprays

Floral spray arrangements are designed to be viewed only from the front, and will typically be most appropriate as a display during a calling hours or viewing where they can be placed tastefully near the casket or urn.

Casket Spray

A casket spray may sound like a good arrangement to send, but these are typically purchased by family members as a display atop the casket of the deceased. Before you order one of these arrangements you should check with family members to see if it is appropriate.

Sympathy Arrangements

Finally, a tasteful floral arrangement is also appropriate. These can also include more variety and color than a traditional arrangement. For example, if the deceased was a veteran or firefighter, patriotic colors can be an appropriate color palette.

Cultural Consideration

When it comes to religious or cultural services, we would recommend getting in touch with a religious leader for recommendations. Most Jewish ceremonies occur within three days of the person’s passing in accordance with Jewish customs, and flowers are not traditionally sent as a gift. Some Islamic services do not deem floral arrangements appropriate, so you should try to find out from family members whether flowers would be a welcomed gift. Finally, Funeralwise notes that in many Asian cultures the use of white and yellow flowers is most welcome.

At Cole’s Flowers, our staff is highly trained and skilled in the area of sympathy arrangements and can help you select a tasteful and appropriate way to send your condolences. Place an order online now or give our staff a call today at 802-388-4003 for help selecting the appropriate arrangement.


Valentine’s Day Is Coming: Don’t Forget the Flowers!

Posted: February 1st, 2017

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Instead of scrambling at the last minute at the grocery store to find a generic bouquet, do something different this year and preorder your Valentine’s Day bouquet. Making your flower plans early will save you a large amount of time and stress and make sure that you’ve got the perfect gift taken care of well in advance! Let’s take a look at a few of the top Valentine’s Day arrangements to consider for your special someone this romantic season.

Valentine’s Day Bouquets Love is Eternal

Our Love is Eternal bouquet is one of our more mellow Valentine’s Day arrangements. The bouquet uses ivory roses, pink and white stargazer lilies and white anemones to create a sweet look. This particular arrangement also has bells of Ireland, snapdragons, hydrangeas and peach hypericum. Overall, this bouquet is the sweetest!

Embraceable You

The Embraceable You arrangement is in the same family as the Our Love is Eternal bouquet, but pops more with even more color. This particular bouquet uses shades of pink to make its statement, featuring hot pink hydrangeas, light pink lilies, hot pink roses, pink tulips, pink gerbera daisies and more! Pink shades wrap all throughout this gift, and are perfect for an arrangement named for a warm hug.

Charismatic Crimson

The Charismatic Crimson arrangement takes a page from the Embraceable You bouquet, but instead uses vibrant shades of red instead of pink, to say “I Love You.” This statement features roses, gerberas, carnations, spray roses and alstroemeria to create a bold and vivid statement. This is a great piece for romantic gestures – after all, red is the color of love.

Red Roses and Wispy White Accent Flowers

Speaking of red roses, you can never go wrong with a traditional Valentine’s Day bouquet. Our team can create a custom arrangement of red roses, dressed up with accenting white waxflowers, silver eucalyptus and leather leaf. If you want to make a giant statement that unmistakably screams Valentine’s Day, then this is the arrangement for you.

Take a look through our full Valentine’s Day selection to find the perfect choice for your loved one or learn more about placing a custom order. Place your order online now or call Cole’s Flowers today at 802-388-4003 and make sure that your Valentine’s Day is full of fresh flowers and loving thoughts.

Welcome a New Baby With Celebratory Flowers

Posted: December 22nd, 2016

Newborn Babies Celebrating a new baby is such a special gift, and for friends and family of the new parents, it can be hard to not rush over there right away to show them how happy you are for them and get a look at the brand new bundle of joy. But instead of overwhelming the exhausted new parents right away with a visit, send a beautiful bouquet of celebratory flowers to share your well wishes.

At Cole’s Flowers, we offer a number of bouquets that are perfect for celebrating a brand-new baby.

Welcome Baby Bouquet

Our most popular option – perfect for celebrating a baby boy or girl – is our Welcome Baby Bouquet, available in both in blue and pink. The new baby girl bouquet features a classic vase, leather leaf, white lilies, cream stock, white miniature spray roses, pink and white Variegated Alstroemeria, pink gerberas, and lavender wax flowers. The new baby boy bouquet includes blue iris, white gerberas, white spray mums, putple statice, solidago, green jade roses, and pale yellow carnations.

Very Special Delivery

If you’d rather send a gift that’s gender neutral yet sure to impress the new mom and dad, our Very Special Delivery arrangement is a great choice. This bouquet features a tall square vase, hosta leaves, seeded eucalyptus, pale yellow lilies, solidago, yellow snapdragons and white spray roses. These soothing and gorgeous colors will say “congratulations” and “thinking of you” all at the same time.

Pride and Joy Bouquet

Another option is our Pride and Joy Bouquet. This arrangement is simple, and elegant, and features a classic urn vase, leather leaf, pale green carnations and baby’s breath. The traditional, clear vase is a perfect choice, as well, and can be used and reused with nearly any floral gift.

Congratulations Bouquets

If you want to send a little something extra, in addition to gorgeous flowers, consider our Congratulations bouquets. The Congratulations Daughter Bouquet offers gorgeous pink carnations, white cushion poms, baby’s breath and more, plus a small pink plush stuffed bunny. The Congratulations Son bouquet offers white spray roses, green carnations, white button poms, purple statice, and an adorable blue bunny!

Trust Cole’s Flowers when you want to send a gorgeous bouquet and your warm congratulations to the new family. Order online now or call us directly today at 802-388-4003 to place your order.

Flowers to Celebrate Your Engagement Anniversary

Posted: December 13th, 2016

Engagement If you’ve been with that special someone for a while now and have made the decision to take it to the next level, you may be considering a Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve proposal! These two nights are actually very popular when it comes to getting engaged – and it’s no surprise. With all the holiday excitement and magic in the air, it’s the perfect time to let the one you love know how you really feel about them.

You’ll need a ring, of course, but you can make this night even more special and memorable by ordering a beautiful bouquet as well. Whether they sit on the table or you present them to her afterwards, we’ve got lots of options that she’ll love.

First and foremost, you really can’t go wrong with our Classic Dozen Roses option. Roses are the simple, yet timelessly elegant romantic go-to. They’ll blow your significant other away.

If you’re looking for something a little more understated, we’ve got several other options that would work just as perfectly. The Suddenly Spring arrangement is a joyful collection of daises, pink roses and other gorgeous flowers that immediately gives off a sense of celebration.

What about something completely unique? The As Good As Gold option is a complete and refreshing departure from traditional engagement flower arrangements. Shooting green stalks, spilling yellow flowers and a dramatic height complete the look. It’s a stunning and surprising option that will leave her speechless.

For a subtle, yet very romantic look, check out the Isn’t it Romantic arrangement. It’s sized a little smaller than our other options – so it would be easily concealable if you’re trying to sneak it into a venue incognito! The soft pinks of the various flowers in this arrangement couldn’t be more romantic.

Flowers also make an excellent gift for an engagement anniversary, if you’re the type of couple who still celebrates all the milestones of your relationship. Check out these and more options for your special someone in our anniversary arrangement selection or call us at 802-388-4003 with any questions or to place your order.

Care Tips for Fresh Flowers

Posted: May 9th, 2016

Not all of us have green thumbs – mothers included. If you’re one of the many mothers who received fresh flowers for Mother’s Day and you don’t have great luck with caring for them, here are some easy steps to help keep your child’s beautiful gift alive.

Check Daily

When you first get the flowers, you probably placed them in a vase with the water at a high level – a good plan, as this will help the flowers last. Be sure to check the vase every day to maintain that level and add “flower food,” a blend of nutrients that helps nourish flowers and keep them healthy. Be sure to follow the directions of the food, though, as adding more than necessary can harm the flowers.

Cut Flower StemsCut the Stems

Every couple days, remove the flowers from the water and trim the stems. When trimming, you want to snip roughly 3/4 to a full inch off the bottom. Don’t just cut straight across, though –cut it at an angle, as this will give the flower a little more surface to help take in water. You also want to use a sharp knife, floral cutter or scissors to make a clean cut. While you trim, you can also use this chance to remove any fallen petals or excess that has fallen into the vase.

Change Water

Along with trimming the stems, be sure to change the water completely every few days. You wouldn’t want to drink water that had sat out for days, and neither do plants. While you are changing the water, you should also wash the vase as well. Bacteria and other harmful elements could be growing in the water and attach to the vase, leading to an early demise for your beautiful flowers. Don’t forget to add more flower food when you refill, either!

Keep Your Cool

Once all the trimming and cleaning is done, place the vase in a cool, safe spot. Flowers will do best in a temperate environment, which means keeping them away from heating and cooling vents, direct sunlight and televisions as these can all generate heat and prematurely dehydrate your bloom.

If you’re looking for flowers for a special event or upcoming holiday, Cole’s Flowers in Middlebury, Vermont, has got you covered. To learn more about our available flowers or to place an order, call us today at 802-388-4003!

How to Decorate Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Posted: October 8th, 2015

cornucopia centerpeicePlacing a beautiful centerpiece on your table is the perfect way to bring your Thanksgiving decorations together. However, besides the centerpiece of gorgeous flowers, you may be wondering about some of the other things you can do to spruce up the dinner table. Whether this is your first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the family or you just want to do something different this year, consider the following suggestions.

The amount of space you have for decorations depends on how big your table is and how much room you need for food. Of course, you can gain some extra space by placing decorations around the table rather than on it. Whether you have a nearby bookcase, side table, shelf, or any other area, make sure you use the most of the space you have. With some extra space nearby you can get a bit more creative with your decorations.

Whether you want to place it on the table or on a nearby surface, consider adding a rustic basket full of pumpkins, apples, squash, and other seasonally appropriate fruits and vegetables. You could turn this basket on its side and have the fruit pouring out of it in an organized manner, and you could even decorate it further by placing fake fall leaves around it.

Besides placing them in a basket or creating a traditional cornucopia, you can also use pumpkins and gourds in other ways. For example, simply cut a hole in the top of one to create a makeshift candleholder. This will give your table a unique and unquestionably fall look that will have your guests talking.

Implement these ideas or come up with some creative ones of your own to get the most out of your dinner table decorations this Thanksgiving.

The Best Flowers for Fall Gardens

Posted: September 11th, 2015

fall flowersWhile most people typically think of spring and summer as the time when flowers bloom and thrive, there are several varieties perfect for autumn. The following are just a few of the flowers you should consider growing in your garden this fall.

New England Asters are native to North America, and they are perfect flowers to grow in your fall garden or keep in a vase. They can be a wide range of colors including everything from white to blue, and they tend to grow to be half a foot tall. If you’re growing them just make sure your soil is well-drained.

Goldenrod is also another staple of the fall season with its beautiful golden colors. These flowers will look great around any type of property, and they can grow to be several feet tall by the end of the season. Goldenrod s also hypoallergenic; beauty AND user-friendliness.

There are also several excellent perennial flowers that will do well throughout autumn, including Perennial Sunflowers. You will find that there are actually several different varieties of Perennial Sunflowers, including bright yellow Lemon Queens. Plant this in your garden and you can expect them to bloom in fall, adding some extra color to your landscape before winter.