Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas for the New School Year

Doesn’t it always feel like summer flies by too fast? One minute you’re celebrating the Fourth of July and the next you’re making your back-to-school list. For parents with students returning to school, the end of summer can be stressful as you scramble to get everything on your child’s new supply list. But in your… Read more »

Tips for Sending Flowers to Someone You Love

If you’re looking for a sweet and thoughtful gift for any occasion, you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous flower bouquet or arrangement. Flowers are a popular gift choice for many reasons. One of them is that they can be delivered to anyone, pretty much anywhere, to let them know you’re thinking of them even… Read more »

4 Reasons Flowers Are an Important Part of Your Wedding Day

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to planning your wedding. As you’re making decisions about the many different elements that go into the events of the day, you’re probably looking for a few things you can skimp on or skip altogether to save yourself some time and money. While this is completely… Read more »

Why Flowers Make a Great Father’s Day Gift

When choosing a gift for a special man in their life, most people don’t usually consider a bouquet of flowers or custom arrangement. For Mother’s Day or mom’s birthday? Flowers are a given. But there seems to be a gender bias ingrained in society, that most of us don’t even realize, that somehow says flowers… Read more »

Meaningful Flowers to Give Mom for Mother’s Day

When April showers start transitioning to May flowers, you know that Mother’s Day is right around the corner. When it comes to gifts, a fresh bouquet or arrangement of flowers is a classic. After all, what better way to represent your love for the woman who gave you life than to give her a something… Read more »

4 Ways You Can Repurpose Your Dead Flower Bouquet

There’s nothing quite like the beauty and fragrance of a fresh bouquet of flowers just set in their vase. For a few days or weeks, you get to enjoy the natural warmth and refreshing energy they bring to a room. But decorating with fresh flowers is sort of bittersweet, because you know that eventually the… Read more »

5 Flower Alternatives to Red Roses You Can Give to Your Sweetheart on Valentine’s Day

A box of chocolates, a teddy bear, and a dozen red roses—that’s the iconic trio that comes to mind when most of us think of Valentine’s Day. With something sweet, something cute, and something romantic to offer, it makes sense why this combination has reigned supreme for so long. But what if your beau doesn’t… Read more »

Don’t Forget the Flowers This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just moments away, now is not the time to delay in regards to gifts. Flowers and candy are a staple for this romantic holiday. While you don’t need a special day to show your loved ones how much you care, this is the day to be a little extra and go all… Read more »

Winter Care for Your Houseplants

Taking care of yourself in the winter is a little different than taking care of yourself in the summer. The cold weather and limited daylight mean you have to focus on keeping your body warm and comfortable and your spirits and energy up through the prolonged darkness. Well, the same is true for your houseplants!… Read more »